2016 A level H2 Chemistry P2 Topics Not Tested

Physical Chemistry

Chemical Bonding
Dot‐&‐cross diagrams, Shapes, Bond Angles, VSEPR Theory, Hybridisation, Dative

Atomic Structure
Everything except electronic configuration

Gases, Energetics, Ionic Equilibrium
Whole Topic

Whole Topic except (i) the catalytic removal of oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust
gases from car engines and (ii) the catalytic role of atmospheric oxides of nitrogen
in the oxidation of atmospheric sulfur dioxide

Chemical eqm
Whole Topic except calculation involving Kp

Whole Topic except predicting feasibility of reactions based of Ecell calculations

Inorganic Chemistry
Group II, Group VII, Periodicity, Transition Metal (except definition of ligand,
drawing the structure of complex ion, and formation of [Cu(NH3)4]2+)

Organic Chemistry
Basicity, Hydrolysis, Deductive, Distinguishing Test, Alkenes (except for oxidative
cleavage), Arenes, Halogen Derivatives, Hydroxy Compounds, Carbonyl
compounds (except nucleophilic addition mechanism and identification of
aldehydes), Carboxylic acids & Derivatives (except hydrolysis of esters), Nitrogen
Compounds, Amino Acids & Proteins (except denaturation of proteins using pH

Please take note that it does not mean that topics tested in P2 will not be tested again in P3 


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