AEIS Preparatory Tuition Singapore

新加坡 政府中小学入学考试(AEIS)预备课程

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What is AEIS?

AEIS 是什么?

AEIS stands for Admissions Exercise for International Students. This is a admissions exam which is conducted by the Ministry of Education for international students intending to enrol in Singapore’s primary and secondary schools. The admissions exam is usually conducted around September to October.

Admissions Exercise for International Students (简称AEIS) 是新加坡教育部为了国际学生所主办的统一入学考试。国际学生如果有意就读新加坡政府中小学校,必须参加九月或十月份的统一入学考试(AEIS)。


Who should take the AEIS? 


The AEIS is for international students who wish to enrol into Primary 2 – 5 and Secondary 1 – 3 in the following year.



How to prepare for AEIS?


One.Tuition Place offers a specialised curriculum for international students preparing for the AEIS entrance examinations. Enrol into our customised AEIS Preparatory classes which is designed to equip students with the ability to sit for the exam. Our experienced and qualified tutors would be able to guide you through your revision and help you ace the AEIS exams through our proven strategies.

为了国际学生,One.Tuition Place 会提供一系列专业课程来帮助国际学生预备入学考试。我们的专业导师会引导和帮助国际学生在短时间内提高国际学生的考试成绩和适应能力。


How to sign up for AEIS Preparatory Tuition?


Please contact Angie at 96790479 or Mr Ong at 98639633 if you have any enquires on our AEIS Preparatory Tuition Classes.

任何咨询请联系Angie : 96790479 或 Mr Ong : 98639633


How to apply for AEIS?


You may wish to visit MOE’s webpage to register for the AEIS entrance exam.

请点击新加坡教育部网址 :