GP Tuition | Final Revision Class 2015

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This sounds like quite a cliched statement but time really passes by so quickly that it is already the end of the academic year and we have come to the last lesson for the year before my students take the A Levels exams. Actually, this post is post-dated because they have already taken their exams on Monday (2 November) and I hope that they will all be able to do exceedingly well for the exams. I heard from my students that it was a 2 passage comprehension this time on the topic of Sports – which I pointed out in one of the class in October that this is one of the likely topics which Cambridge would test. The questions for Paper 1 (Essay) had some topics which are rather specifically worded which seems to be the in-thing now for Cambridge. Knowledge on certain specific topics at the micro level is required.


Most students probably take GP too lightly when in JC 1 which is why when they reach JC 2, they realise that it is actually quite a rigorous paper (even though it is a H1 standard). The GP paper requires a lot of critical thinking, deep analysis and also sufficient content to argue cogently. It is a test of both skills and content, with a greater emphasis on content for Paper 1 (Essay). 


I sincerely wish my students all the best for their GP results and also for the rest of their A Level exams. I hope that apart from the knowledge on current affairs which I have imparted to my students, I have also managed to get them interested in events happening in Singapore and around the world which they should be aware of and how it can impact their lives. GP is more than just an A Level Subject, you may say that I’m inherently bias because I teach this subject. Perhaps so, but reading and writing skills are one of the most important skills to hone which will be useful in their future careers. Once again, thanks for being such attentive and participative students in my class and I hope you’ve enjoyed attending my classes just as much I’ve enjoyed teaching all of you.


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