Mr Adriel

Secondary 1-4 E Math, A Math, Chemistry, Physics Tutor

Adriel has been tutoring and specializing in O-level Chemistry & Physics for more than 5 years. Throughout these years, he has gathered a vast inventory of useful notes and questions from various schools which form the basis of his teaching materials. He has coached students of different caliber and aptitude for Chemistry and Physics. Hence he is able to identify where the students’ academic weaknesses are and adapts his teaching methods to help them improve. Very often, he has helped many students, who were failing or barely passing their Chemistry and Physics, to score A in their finals and even secure scholarships.


With years of teaching experiences, Adriel is able to go beyond the text book by relating teachings to real life examples and situations. Through the sharing of his work, it provides contextual relevance, stimulates interest, and helps students understand the subject with greater ease and purpose.


Adriel’s approach starts from ensuring the primary concepts (atomic structure, chemical bonding, redox, Dynamics, Kinematics, Forces etc) are thoroughly understood. Once these concepts are understood, relatively difficult chapters such as Mole, Acids & Bases, Current of Electricity and Electromagnetic, become more manageable. He will then engage the students in practice questions to strengthen and reinforce that understanding.


Adriel is easily contacted through Whatsapp, SMSes and emails whenever students encounter problems in their studies. This is especially helpful for students who have last minute questions & clarifications before their major examinations.


Subjects Taught

  • Lower Secondary Math
  • E Math (Secondary 3 - 4)
  • A Math (Secondary 3 - 4)
  • Physics (Secondary 1 - 4)
  • Chemistry (Secondary 1 - 4)