Mr Ryan

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Economics - First Class Honours)


Ryan Goh is a current full time teacher with 13 years of experience. Graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Economics from NUS, Ryan’s academic forte also won him several recognitions from the University. He was placed on the Dean’s List for 8 consecutive semesters, the Vice Chancellor’s List, and also an active student under University Scholars Programme. Besides, he was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Book Prize for being the top economics student in his final year examinations. Ryan has coached many students in Economics, helping them to achieve an ability to integrate Economics in class to the bigger world outside. Many of his students obtained Distinctions, and several even pursued their degrees in Economics and started work at prestigious local and overseas firms in banking, insurance, trade and business sectors.


Ryan’s teaching methods center on key examination skills, designed to help students score a distinction for their A levels. To help students memorize the key examination requirements, Ryan invented a simple set of acronym: S.R.J.C.



S = Scope
R = Rigour
J = Judgement
C = Context



Scope constitutes the foundation of your essay and every distinction essay must cover all the question requirements. In class, Ryan will be spending a great deal of time showing students the various kinds of potential examination questions and how to identify the scope of the essay.

           Subjects Taught

  • Economics (JC 1 to JC 2 H1/H2)