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Hello! Thanks for visiting our website to find out more about tuition classes for Secondary 1 to 4 Chemistry Tuition. Chemistry is considered to be one of the most important Science subjects in Secondary School because it is often a compulsory subject in Secondary School and also a core subject if you are considering  to further your studies in a JC or intending to take up science-related courses in Polytechnics.


Why You May Find Chemistry Difficult?

1. A general dislike for Science and studying in general.

The best advice which we can give to you is that in order to score well for Chemistry and for any subject in school, you have to try to like that subject. Understandably, because of how Singapore’s education system is structured and that there is a constant pressure on you to do well in your exams, you may feel that Chemistry is not quite your cup of tea. From our experience, students who do well academically often have a genuine interest in that subject and is also willing to put in a lot of effort on their part to strive for their best. Hence, you need to first break-out from the mentality that you dislike Chemistry otherwise it is a downward spiral which gets more and more difficult to recover from the longer you take to change your mindset. Our tutors are friendly and encouraging, we are sure that you will be able to develop a strong liking for this subject when you join our classes.


2. Unable to grasp key concepts.

True mastery of any subject and particularly for Chemistry requires you to be able to have a good grasp of the fundamental concepts for every topic. From then on, you would be able to progress to understand application-based questions and link them back to these fundamental concepts for every topic. Overtime, you will start to understand that the different topics in Chemistry should not be studied in isolation and that there are many cross-linkages with the other topics. We suggest that if you are struggling with Chemistry then you should always go back to the key concepts first before progressing to attempting application-based questions. Many students like to jump the gun and do difficult questions even before understanding the main concepts of the topic. 


Our Teaching Methodology

  • Focus on learning objectives to ground students with key principles of every topic
  • Highlighting to students which are the important parts of the topic to take careful note of
  • Pointing out commonly made mistakes so that these will not be repeated
  • Comprehensive set of practice questions so that students can be ready for exams
  • Mini time-trials and tests and post-test review to note one’s strengths and weaknesses


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