Mr Ong – Very Capable H2 Chemistry Teacher

Mr Ong’s chemistry lessons were very helpful in my preparation for the A levels. Chemistry has always been a struggle for me till I attended his lessons.Mr Ong’s lessons really cleared up my many misconceptions about certain chemistry topics. His patience and motivation are key to my success in this subject.

The one thing he is really outstanding at is that his impart of the application skills really allowed me to answer any question (I mean it, any question!) easily.

Also, this cool tutor would even offer online help for Chemistry, when he is available on Gmail or Whatsapp.

From the subject I feared the most, he turned it into an enjoyable and scorable one.

Lynn Tan Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC),  JC2 H2 Chemistry


Mr Ong – Hallmark of an Excellent Teacher

Going for his Chemistry tuition lessons has given me the empowerment and immense motivation to strive for excellence. The cordial atmosphere and passionate teachers have made the learning environment more than ideal.

Mr Ong has been a highly inspirational dedicated teacher who never fails to give his undivided attention to all students of varying academic capabilities. Through his pristine mentorship, I have acquired skills not only in chemistry but also in other areas of life that such as time and stress management which will be applicable in future.

Mr Ong is truly the hallmark of an excellent teacher.

Darren Poh – Victoria Junior College (VJC), JC2 H2 Chemistry


Mr Ong – Extremely Dedicated Teacher 

Mr Ong is an extremely dedicated math and physics teacher who makes an effort to know and understand the problems each of us encounter in our studies. Armed with years of experiences and extensive resources and notes, he is able to provide us the most up to date approach to score well in our examination.

He often preaches about the importance of diligence and motivates us to study harder by relating his personal experience when he was a student. Furthermore he tries to play an active role in our A level journey by reaching out to us even outside of class via the use of friendly-based website where students are free to ask him questions at any time of the day.

I sincerely thank Mr Ong for his contribution in moulding my life. Last but not least, during my A level exam, I lost my GC and I need it for the next Physics paper. I remember Mr Ong told us, call me any time when you need me during the exam. Immediately I call him and he is so willingly to lend me his GC.

I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Zi Hao CJC


Mr Aaron – Excellent GP Teacher

Mr Aaron has equipped me well with good GP content knowledge that definitely will aid me well in my GP exams. His lessons are easy to understand and also provide us with ample preparations and knowledge in doing our assignment.

He is an excellent GP teacher who provides timely and constructive feedback on our learning. Besides teaching essential skills required in the exams (such as understanding question requirements and writing structured, effective essays), he also conducted clear discussions on key issues and current affairs. This was my favourite aspect of his teaching, as it allowed me to reflect on issues, to mature as a thinker, and to hone my writing skills. I had a thorough understanding of the subject requirements and how to work towards excelling for it. If you’re looking for a GP teacher to guide you through, Mr Aaron is the best teacher for the job.

Clement Ong TPJC


Mr Aaron – Proficient and Concise Teacher

One.Tuition Place played an important role during my ‘A’ level preparation. The GP teacher, Mr Aaron is very proficient. The explanations were concise and I was taught how to draw linkage and reference to real life situations. The discussion on current affairs was very helpful as it provided the students with a myriad of examples that were both relevant and updated. The lesson is very enjoyable ad enriching that offered a broader scope as compared to my school

Mr Aaron offered insightful comments when analyzing the comprehension paper. Students were taught to look beyond the text and understand the underlying deeper message before moving on to the questions. The most valuable lesson I learnt was the answering technique. I was trained to understand and be familiarized with the different question types and multiple complex requirements. This helped immensely as it ensured that we would stay on track and also to maximize our marks, not missing out or forgetting any points.

The composition lessons were rewarding as we learnt how to plan swiftly. In addition, we were taught to use relevant examples to support our arguments convincingly. Excellent discussion material was used during the lessons. Mr Aaron gave very good comments for each composition that I wrote and he gave a good summary to the class for each theme that we have written

Colin Foong SRJC


Mr Aaron – Committed Teacher

Mr Aaron is a very responsible and committed teacher, with both great knowledge and passion for the subject. I started out learning GP with a great fear that it would be a very demanding subject. However, Mr Aaron was very patient as he guided me through various GP topics and essay writing skills. He made me realize that studying GP could be a very enriching pursuit, as it taught me to analyse situations critically, think beyond the surface and discuss world affairs in an intellectual manner. Under his guidance, he helps me to overcome my most feared subject to most enjoyable and best subject.

Crystal Leo AJC


Mr Alvin – Exceptional Chemistry Tutor

Mr Alvin is an exceptional chemistry tutor as he has deep and extensive knowledge of the subject many other teachers do not even come close to possess through his studies in pharmacy and medicine.  Hence, he’s able to truly explain and teach us rather than simply regurgitating what notes and guidebooks already offer.Through the few lessons with him, it is obvious that he is extremely well-versed in chemistry.  Even the simplest of “formulas” and “mechanisms” are taught in detail, sometimes adding on with supplementary background knowledge.  Most importantly, he is able to communicate with us and teach in a way we can comprehend and understand.

Marcus Ng TPJC


Mr Alvin – Very Patient Tutor

He explains the concepts step by step so that we can understand the reason behind the working/solution. He listens to every student and answers their questions fully which benefits other students too. He knows how to teach students with different level rate of understanding.

Stella Kim CJC


Mr Adriel – Awesome and Patient Teacher

Mr Adriel is  an AWESOME Chemistry and Physics teacher! Thanks so much for helping me LOVE Chemistry and appreciate Physics. Thanks for patiently teaching me and helping me ACE my exam under your guidance. I have improved and gain a lot of confident in both subjects. Thanks for not giving up on me when I feel like giving up! Thanks a lot once again. Although, I am graduating this year but your care and method of teaching will be missed by me!

Elfrida (S4 Physics & Chemistry)


Mr Adriel – Approachable and Extra Miles Teacher

Mr Adriel teaches me Physics and Chemistry at a comfortable pace and the notes provided are very good and they are the summarized of the information in the textbook. .it makes it easier for me to understand and remember better. Important learning points will be highlighted to us so that we know the different areas we should focus on when studying. Most important I can apply these concepts well in the exam question. Mr Adriel is very approachable and willing to go the extra mile for the students who need extra help. One.Tuition Place has a very pleasant environment has also made it easier for me to concentrate during lessons.

Tommy Yeo  (S4 Physics & Chemistry)


Mr Adriel – Patient and Approachable Teacher

Mr Adriel is a very patient and approachable teacher. He is always willing to answer my questions, whether inside or out of class. He has made Chemistry and Physics more interesting for me, often introducing different perspectives to solving a problem and extending the question to involve logical thinking process. He causes me to think deeply about the question instead of blindly solving it.

Mr Adriel has strengthened my Chemistry and Physics foundations considerably even though I only joined him in Secondary 4. Thanks for your great teaching Mr Adriel!

Cherie Tan (S4 Physics & Chemistry)