Mr Wax Tan

JC 1 - 2 Biology Tutor

Biology A Level Tutor

Mr Tan has more than 6 years of Biology tutoring experience, Mr Tan graduated from National Junior College (NJC) and also belongs to a handful of students each year for Biology Special Paper (H3 Biology). Mr Tan graduated from NUS Pharmacy with Second Upper Honors, he was specially selected to spend one year working for a biotechnology company while studying entrepreneurship lessons at the University of Pennsylvania.


With a track record of having 80-85% of all students scoring As & B grade in his career, Mr Tan is a firm believer that the study of Biology should be fun and enjoyable. One of his hallmarks is his passion in teaching from the student’s perspective and sharing his personal experiences and study tips to facilitate effective learning. As a result, students feedback that he is very approachable as he is able to relate to them.


Mr Tan’s approach is to review fundamental biological concepts and reduce misconceptions before exposing students to the proper skills required to answer higher-order thinking questions. Mr Tan finds it extremely fulfilling to impart his knowledge and share interesting topics beyond the syllabus. For example, stories of landmark discoveries and interesting facts in Biology, of  which according to his students, has been tremendously helpful in tackling application based questions.


As a firm believer that ‘attitude is everything’, Mr Tan integrates good studying habits and time management skills into his lessons. Improvements from a U grade to an A grade is possible only if the student takes ownership in his/her studies and put in their hard work, under Mr.Tan’s guidance.

     Subjects Taught

  • Biology (JC 1 to JC 2 H1/H2)