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About Ad-Hoc Tuition

Ad-hoc tuition is provided by One.Tuition Place for students who do not wish to commit to a full time tuition programme. Tuition classes are provided for JC (A Levels), IP/IB, Secondary & Primary School Students for all levels all subjects. This is ideal for students who have questions on a particular topic / subject and wish to seek some clarifications from our tutors. This would give students greater flexibility in planning their timetable if their regular classes clash with their time-table.



How Does Ad-Hoc Tuition Benefit Students?

Usually, this is for students who require the following types of help in their studies:

  • Need help to solve difficult questions from school homework
  • Headstart to learn certain topics before the school 
  • Revision before tests and examinations
  • Require tuition during the holidays to brush up on certain topics
  • Further clarifications of key concepts and need more practice for certain subjects and question types


Why do Ad-Hoc Tuition?

  • School schedule too busy with many CCAs, after-school programmes and commitments such that cannot attend a fixed class
  • Would like a flexible tuition schedule so not tied down to a fixed programme
  • To plan tuition around regular school schedule
  • Require help in certain topics that are difficult to grasp
  • Need to clarify doubts for certain weak chapters and not having to attend topics that is proficient with


Who are the Tutors?

Mr Aaron, an NUS Law Graduate and Qualified Lawyer who has 7 years of teaching experience who teaches GP and English Tuition. He also teaches Secondary 1 – 4 / IP Chemistry, Physics, Biology, A Math, E Math, Geography and Social Studies. He belongs to a select group who has studied triple science at O and A Levels. He is also able to teach the module for Contract and Agency Law offered by SIM University.


Mr Ong, an NUS Mechanical Engineering Graduate who has more than 15 years of teaching experience who is analytical and patient. He imparts his wealth of knowledge to his students and goes beyond the text book by relating his teachings to real life examples He teaches JC/IB Chemistry, Math & Physics. He also teaches Secondary 1 – 4 /IP Chemistry, Physics, A Math and E Math. In addition, he has taught Polytechnic students Polytechnic Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Statistics and NTU students Engineering Physics and Mathematics.



How to find out more / Contact us

Please Call / SMS / Whatsapp 96790479 (Angie) or 98639633 (Mr Ong) for more information. If you prefer to e-mail us, please click here.


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