Polytechnic Tuition

Polytechnic Tuition @Kovan MRT/Hougang provides Engineering Math/Chemistry/Physics Tuition by Very Capable and Hallmark of Excellent Tutors.

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PolyEngineering Tuition

Excel In Your Engineering Concepts 

Engineering Mathematics

Chapter 0 Preliminary

Chapter 1 Limits

Chapter 2 The Derivative

Chapter 3 Applications of Derivatives

Chapter 4 Implicit and Partial Differentiation

Chapter 5 The Integral

Chapter 6 Techniques of Integration

Chapter 7 Applications of the Integral


Engineering Statistics

Chapter 1 Introduction to Statistics

Chapter 2 Descriptive Statistics 

Chapter 3 Basic Probability

Chapter 4 Discrete Probability Distribution

Chapter 5 Continuous Distributions 

Chapter 6 Sampling Distributions

Chapter 7 Confidence Interval Estimation

Chapter 8 Fundamental of Hypothesis Testing 


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