2018 Tuition Headstart Programme


2018 Tuition Headstart | JC, Secondary & Primary Tuition 

2018 Tuition Headstart Program is designed to help students (in 2017) for all levels & subjects who wish to brush up on specific topics during the November and December holidays in 2017.

  • All students from Primary, Secondary/IP/IB and JC are welcome to join us. 
  • You may pick and choose any of the topic(s) based on your needs. 
  • For JC 1 – 2, we have classes for GP, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Economics & Biology
  • For Secondary 1 – 4, we have classes for English, E Maths, A Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, Social Studies & Principles of Accounting
  • If you require any topics not listed below, we can arrange a class to teach the topics you have requested.
  • If you are unable to attend the class timings below, we can arrange a time slot to suit your schedule. Please contact Mr Ong @ 98639633 or Angie 96790479 
  • If you prefer to attend Tuition Classes on an ad-hoc basis just to brush up on certain subjects / topics, please click here for more information on our ad-hoc tuition programme
  • Feel free to e-mail us for further enquires.


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