2018 Secondary 1 / IP 1 Tuition Class Headstart

2018 Secondary 1 / IP 1 Tuition Class Headstart

secondary 1 headstart tuition


Hello and welcome to our webpage! After your child has received his/her PSLE, you may be deciding whether or not to do a Headstart for Secondary 1. Here are some reasons why we feel that doing a Headstart during the December holidays will be beneficial to your child. 


Why Do Headstart Tuition?

  • To be academically prepared for Secondary School topics in English, Math and Science
  • To provide an introductory background to Secondary School topics so that your child would be mentally prepared for the upcoming year
  • Secondary 1 is an important foundation year for Secondary School because many habits and learning attitudes are fostered during Secondary 1. When proper guidance is given, your child will have a huge advantage in the acquisition of knowledge in Secondary 2 to 4. 
  • Science is now specialised into Chemistry, Physics & Biology which is more in depth than in Primary School Science
  • Our experienced tutors would share some tips on the adjustment from Primary to Secondary School so that your child will be able to ease into Secondary School life/culture without too much difficulties


Our Secondary 1 / IP 1 Headstart Tuition / English / Math / Science

  • Learning Objectives covered at start of lesson
  • Key concepts and definitions emphasised
  • Explanation using videos and interactive media to help visualise 
  • Question-after-Concept practice approach to apply new knowledge learnt
  • Re-cap of previous lesson key points before moving on to new chapter
  • Lively class discussions to keep students engaged and involved


Join Us Today!

  • For more information on Class Schedules for our Headstart Programme, please Call/SMS 96790479 (Angie) or 98639633 (Mr Ong). We’ll be glad to answer any queries you may have on our Headstart Programme. We have both fixed Class Schedules and Flexible Ad-Hoc Sessions
  • We also conduct Headstart Programme for JC, Secondary 1-4 & Primary School for all subjects. Please visit this page for more information.



Contact 96790479 (Angie) / 98639633 (Mr Ong) for enquiries



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