English Tuition – “Literature is a subject which is becoming irrelevant”. Discuss.

One of my students (Secondary 2) wrote an excellent paragraph on the above-mentioned topic. See below for reference.


Coming from another point of view, the study of literature can develop one’s patience and empathy. Literature often exists in forms of novels and long texts. Hence, this trains the readers’ patience in first completing the long text, then taking time in understanding the hidden meaning and purpose of each specific word. Patience is a virtue which is very essential in today’s world. Those living in developed countries will get to experience rapid transmission of information with technology. However, this results in people being less willing to wait and become easily irritated about little things. Hence, with Literature, one will be able to understand the whole picture before jumping into conclusions immediately. The impatience that people have nowadays also leads them to being unwilling to stop for a moment and place themselves in other’s shoes. This makes the society cold and lack humanity. Yet with Literature, one will develop the soft skills to understand things from different perspectives and be more open to embracing ambiguities. Therefore, since Literature plays an important role in developing priceless virtues that modern people lack, it is undeniable that Literature is irrelevant to us.


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