Mr Alvin

Chemistry A Level Tutor

Alvin   is currently pursuing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. He graduated with a Masters of Pharmacy (with honours) from Prestigious UK University, King’s College London. Besides topping his class in his first year of university, he also won a book prize for being top in a chemistry module. While in university, Alvin was given a scholarship for academic excellence, which was awarded to less than 1% of the cohort. He had also obtained research funding from UK’s biological science research council to pursue research in university.


Alvin studied in Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College, and belonged to a small group of students in Singapore who scored a distinction in H3 Chemistry.


Alvin has 10 years of tutoring experience teaching Junior College students chemistry. He taught at Raffles Institution during his holiday break in University. He has also taught Chemistry at SINDA and helped many JC students achieve good results. His years of teaching have empowered him to help the students to perform well in A Level Exam. Alvin uses simple and interesting analogies in his lessons to help his students understand the chemistry concepts with ease and making Chemistry alive. He emphasizes on the deep understanding on concepts, analysis of the questions and effective answering techniques.


Most importantly, Alvin is able to equip students with the ability to handle integrated questions and to appreciate the linkage between various topics, especially in the organic chemistry. Under his exceptional guidance and interactive class discussions and peer learning, many of his students changed their view of chemistry, from being their most feared subject to their favourite subject.

Subjects Taught

  • Chemistry (JC 1 to JC 2 H1/H2)